Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Even though Chivalry of a Failed Knight came out in Fall of 2015, it deserves much more love than it has.


Title: Rakudai Kishi (Chivalry of a Failed Knight)

Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance/Slice of Life

Studio: Silver Link

Release Date: October 3rd, 2015

Episodes: 12

Story: Chivalry of a Failed Knight starts off with a battle in the beginning of an unknown girl at the time with someone who seems to be trying to take her life. From there, the audience ends up meeting Ikki Kurogane. He’s your average pretty boy who isn’t very good at what he does, hence why the title has ‘Failed Knight’ in it. He’s an F-rank which is considered a disgrace in his family name. Ikki goes to Hagun Academy and ends up repeating his grade because he fails plenty of times. At Hagun is where he meets the female protagonist, Stella Vermillion, and their meeting is similar to most animes where the male accidentally sees the female half dressed. The two end up being roommates unexpectedly which of course, Stella was not very thrilled with that due to the fact that he did see her almost naked as well as she didn’t seem to do well with men. Stella and Ikki also end up battling one another, and Stella was overly confident since she heard about how terrible Ikki was (despite him being an better swordsman than herself) and she ended up being the one to lose. Along the way, there will be several other characters introduced (mostly girls which makes the audience think that it is probably a harem).

From then on, the two start a simple friendship and wished luck upon one another as they have many battles ahead of them. But is Ikki truly ready and capable of handling himself and being able to pass the standards that the family name requires? And will his title as “The Worst One” be changed for the better or the worst.

Like in my post about Food Wars, this anime did an amazing job at giving backstories to each of the secondary characters. It was nice to find out why Ikki wanted to keep getting better at his swordplay or why his sister(although she was a pain in the ass in my opinion) felt like she needed the attention from her brother constantly.


Going back to female cast of the show, it gives an impression that obviously Ikki is most likely going to be a ladies man and he’s going to have to chose between one of the three right? Wrong. It’s obvious who Ikki will end up with which is why the story gets a 9 out of 10 but the way that it is done will make you totally fall in love with it. Most shows immediately have the two (or more) characters fall for each other towards the end of the show, but not Rakudai.


The fighting skills as well as scenes in Rakudai were well animated. Whether it’s Stella using her sword as she is a expert swordsman. Specifically talented with her fire skills.


Ikki with his Perfect Vision


Or Shizuku and Todo’s fighting scenetumblr_nyw9grSzAD1usrpoko1_500.gif


I can tell that the animators worked hard on making sure that these moments within the anime came out right. They deserve major props for all that they did.


This anime is so underrated and it deserves way more reconition than it has, it’s one of those animes that you can watch over a few times and still enjoy it as if you were watching it for the first time ever. I’m sure that if any of you do end up watching this or if you already did, you probably enjoyed it or will enjoy it. It’s totally worth watching and the ending will make you happy.