Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Even though Chivalry of a Failed Knight came out in Fall of 2015, it deserves much more love than it has.


Title: Rakudai Kishi (Chivalry of a Failed Knight)

Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance/Slice of Life

Studio: Silver Link

Release Date: October 3rd, 2015

Episodes: 12

Story: Chivalry of a Failed Knight starts off with a battle in the beginning of an unknown girl at the time with someone who seems to be trying to take her life. From there, the audience ends up meeting Ikki Kurogane. He’s your average pretty boy who isn’t very good at what he does, hence why the title has ‘Failed Knight’ in it. He’s an F-rank which is considered a disgrace in his family name. Ikki goes to Hagun Academy and ends up repeating his grade because he fails plenty of times. At Hagun is where he meets the female protagonist, Stella Vermillion, and their meeting is similar to most animes where the male accidentally sees the female half dressed. The two end up being roommates unexpectedly which of course, Stella was not very thrilled with that due to the fact that he did see her almost naked as well as she didn’t seem to do well with men. Stella and Ikki also end up battling one another, and Stella was overly confident since she heard about how terrible Ikki was (despite him being an better swordsman than herself) and she ended up being the one to lose. Along the way, there will be several other characters introduced (mostly girls which makes the audience think that it is probably a harem).

From then on, the two start a simple friendship and wished luck upon one another as they have many battles ahead of them. But is Ikki truly ready and capable of handling himself and being able to pass the standards that the family name requires? And will his title as “The Worst One” be changed for the better or the worst.

Like in my post about Food Wars, this anime did an amazing job at giving backstories to each of the secondary characters. It was nice to find out why Ikki wanted to keep getting better at his swordplay or why his sister(although she was a pain in the ass in my opinion) felt like she needed the attention from her brother constantly.


Going back to female cast of the show, it gives an impression that obviously Ikki is most likely going to be a ladies man and he’s going to have to chose between one of the three right? Wrong. It’s obvious who Ikki will end up with which is why the story gets a 9 out of 10 but the way that it is done will make you totally fall in love with it. Most shows immediately have the two (or more) characters fall for each other towards the end of the show, but not Rakudai.


The fighting skills as well as scenes in Rakudai were well animated. Whether it’s Stella using her sword as she is a expert swordsman. Specifically talented with her fire skills.


Ikki with his Perfect Vision


Or Shizuku and Todo’s fighting scenetumblr_nyw9grSzAD1usrpoko1_500.gif


I can tell that the animators worked hard on making sure that these moments within the anime came out right. They deserve major props for all that they did.


This anime is so underrated and it deserves way more reconition than it has, it’s one of those animes that you can watch over a few times and still enjoy it as if you were watching it for the first time ever. I’m sure that if any of you do end up watching this or if you already did, you probably enjoyed it or will enjoy it. It’s totally worth watching and the ending will make you happy.


My Top 10 Anime Female Characters

As the years have went by, Anime has gotten a fairly large fan base. And that means that there must be characters within these shows that have left quite an impression on the viewers. This list will name and explain the top 10 female anime characters (in my opinion) in the series we have come to love. Not only physically, but also mentally.

10: Sakura Haruno (Naruto)

Sakura was the lovestruck girl that wanted to have Sasuke’s complete attention. But then again, who didn’t? She grew her hair rather long just because it was rumored that Sasuke only loved women with long hair.

Hair is going to have a big part of Sakura’s inspiration, but right now let’s take a step back to her upbringing. As a young child with such a large forehead, she was bullied quite often. Which is why Sakura spent more time alone than she did with anyone else. But once the bullying became too much, another girl, Ino Yamanaka stepped up and made Sakura feel more comfortable with herself after telling the bullies off.

Unlike others in the show, Sakura felt as if she always had to depend on Naruto and Sasuke to constantly save her whenever it came to battles. She felt as if she weren’t strong enough, being more book smart than combat smart. Eventually, Sakura vowed that if it ever came to a moment where she had to sacrifice herself for the two, she would do it without any regrets.

It had came to that at one point in the series. Seeing that Naruto and Sasuke would have to assist in helping her since she was caught up in the hands of the enemy. Instead of giving up and letting them come to her rescue, she ended up using one of the kunais to cut her hair that was in the grip of the other and escaping on her own. That hair had meant quite a lot to her, and for her to just end up cutting it like that showed how strong of a character she truly was.

9: Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)

Bleach, written by Tite Kubo, is the ongoing and popular anime that has been around since October 5, 2004. It has very many inspirational characters that the viewers could relate to, in a non soul reaper kind of way. But there is one character that has left quite an impact on the world. Rukia Kuchiki.

She isn’t your usual anime female who cries for help constantly and can’t stand up for herself, in fact Rukia dislikes being a damsel in distress.

Being abandoned by her sister when she was only an infant, Rukia had grew up on the streets alone. Not even knowing that she even had a sister or even a family that cared for her. Eventually Rukia ended up with a group of kids within her age range that considered themselves a ‘family’ of their own since they also had the same struggle as her. Meeting them, especially Renji, ended up being a huge positive in her life.

From dealing with being gifted with special powers and being adopted into a high, royalty family, everything seemed to be going right for Rukia. But it wasn’t all happiness and joy.

Rukia had to end the life of someone she looked up to entirely, someone who had a special place within her heart. After taking his life, Rukia made a promise to herself, that she would always be there to protect her friends, no matter what.

8: Sango (InuYasha)

There are many great female characters in InuYasha, but Sango takes the place as the best.

Sango had suffered a lot. She lost her entire village by the hands of her younger brother, Kohaku. And even almost lost her own life. She lived her life based on getting revenge on the one that manipulated her brother, and to make things even worse, he was still being controlled whenever Naraku pleased. His life was within his hands. Sango spends her entire time trying to retrieve her brother from the clutches of Naruku, who uses him constantly to manipulate Sango, knowing that she wouldn’t harm her little brother.

She doesn’t know when to quit, Sango is very strong willed and will keep fighting and fighting, no matter if she is on the brink of death. Nothing can stop her from trying to reach her goal when she is fired up (literally). And it is the same way with her determination to keep her brother alive, she would protect him constantly throughout the show as she had so much love for the young boy and knew that one day, she would be able to free him from his prison.

7: Temari (Naruto)

Another one from Naruto? Yes, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise there as Naruto does have lots of strong females.

Temari is a character from Naruto that made viewers take their time to notice how much of a inspirational character she is. She literally was the parents of her two brothers, having to raise them herself after her mother passed and her father was just, well very unpleasant. She has had a fear of Gaara and his powers but as time passed by, she had come to accept her brother and no longer fear him as much as she had in the start. Which is why the three siblings have such a close relationship. Temari cares for her siblings possibly more than any other would for their sibling, and puts all of her trust within them.

There are some that say that she acts ‘manly’, when in fact she is far from it. She is a independent woman, who knows how to handle her own when it comes to it. She is also very stubborn at times, but knows how to quickly go from stubborn to being ready in action just in case there is trouble.

6: Riza Hawkeye (Full Metal Alchemist)

Being such a successful woman around all the men that she works with, Riza belongs on this list. It seemed like she had a tough childhood, where she probably had been sheltered from many things, Riza grew up to be a powerful, strong leader.

For her to be a bodyguard instead of it being the other way around, that shows that Riza can handle her own. It seems as if she is unreachable to the others, but Riza has her own way of reaching out towards people. Although her soft side usually only comes out whenever she is with her pup, Black Hayate. She has a deep affection with him, and can let her emotions out when she is hugging him close to her.

Riza is far from a damsel in distress, she is another character that is putting her life in danger so that her ‘job’ (as she would say but it shows later on that it is more than that with Roy Mustang) will be a success. She sacrifices her own happiness in order to be able to bring peace to her people.

5: Major Motoko Kunasagi (Ghost in The Shell)

Although most of her strength is physical due to the fact that she is a cyborg, the fact that she is a leader makes her one of the top female anime characters.

Mokoto is a portrayed several different ways from the movie to the manga, but that never changes the fact that she is independent, strong willed and literally has that ‘I don’t care’ attitude while having respect for her Chief. She has a boyfriend while also being in a lesbian relationship with another woman and usually this does not occur in animes, it is always the other way around.

Going through cyberization at a young age, Motoko’s physical strength began at an early start but she did not let the determine who she was. And besides the fact that she is indeed a total babe, her will power is what makes her admirable along with her ability to do things on her own and not always needing help.

4: Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill)

Vowing to get revenge on the person that killed her father, Ryuko joins our other ladies in the top 10 females.

Losing your only parent could never be easy, and it for sure was not easy on Ryuko. Her entire quest is based on searching for her father’s killer. She stopped at nothing to make sure that her quest was completed.

While on her journey, she made friends and even made enemies but regardless of what they went through, she kept everyone by her side.

3: Ririchiyo (Inu x Boku SS)

Despite her sweet expressions and cute outfits, Ririchiyo has a issue with dealing with others and showing her true feelings about them. Why is she on this list? Because instead of wanting to continue to be that way, she worked hard at trying to be more pleasant towards others.

Ririchiyo was raised in a family where she was treated as if she were an outcast. Her father paid much more attention towards her other sibling which made her feel as if she were unwanted. She ended up taking that coldness she grew up with and brought it upon others, which made it hard for her to make friends in the progress. While others had great respect for her, she felt like it was only because of her family’s social status and most of it was.

Her ways changed once she had got into the Secret Service, where she was surrounded by many others who had powers similar to her own but in different ways. From being with her childhood friend, to meeting a pervy woman who controlled ice and meeting Soushi who became the light in her life. Ririchiyo grew from being cold towards everyone to actually allowing others to gain access to her heart.

2: Stella Vermillion (Chivalry of a Failed Knight)

Chivalry of a Failed Knight came out last year (2005) and it was a hit series, having the viewers beg for more! One of the reason is because of the female protagonist, Princess Stella Vermillion.

Stella is not only very attractive to look, she also has the brains and the strength. She’s used to the royalty life, not knowing much about the outside world except the fact that it exists. Coming in contact with the male protagonist, Ikki, Stella began to learn more about what goes on beyond of being a princess. But being royalty does not stop her from training in combat constantly or being book smart, in fact, it actually gives her more of a reason to train.

Stella is another female character that feels as if she needs to protect others more than she has to protect herself, and there is never anything wrong with that. Even if she does not like the character at the start (for example, Ikki’s sister), she puts that aside and goes to help without a debate about it.

1: San (Princess Mononoke)

Raised and protected by wolves since she was little, San takes the top place of the top female anime characters.

San is known as the Guardian of Nature. Not many characters from series or even movies have the type of lifestyle that San had. The fact that she was raised in a forest, by wolves and grew up to be such a strong willed, independent, serious woman is beyond us. She showed others that she did not need a male to rely on and she was able to deal with dangerous situations on her own due to the skills that she was brought upon.

Her one and only goal is to protect the forest and not let anything happen to it, as she would lose her own life in order to protect it. And if that doesn’t earn San the top spot here, then I don’t know what would.

Food Wars

If you have a big appetite with a little ecchi on the side, Food Wars is the anime for you!12029618_518751351611608_4091191928565974410_o

The main male protagonist who name is Soma Yukihira, is trying to prove that he is able to beat his hunk of a father in cooking skills. But he soon finds out that he will be attending one of the top cooking schools around which means his cooking skills will be put to the test in order for him to be able to attend. Along the journey, Soma will meet several characters whose lives he will impact. This anime is filled with deliciousness, ecchi and friendships.

Several reviewers have agreed that this is one of the top animes of 2015 going in to 2017 as it is still an ongoing series. It’s not your ordinary anime, it’s not too ecchi to where it would make you not want to watch it and it’s not too much (if any) romance either. That’s one of the reasons it is one of my favorites because even though he is around several women, they all aren’t fighting over him or trying to win him over with their sex appeal.


The characters in Food Wars will each have a special place within your heart. Each and every character that appears in the show has a backstory and it goes into depth as well. Soma may be the main character but the focus is not always on him and that is another pro about this anime. It always make a show better when they actually spend time talking about where that character comes from, why they are the way they are and what went on in their past. Even the characters that aren’t as important as the secondary ones at least get somewhat of a story to them.


 The animations of the foods in the show wasvery nicely done, steam coming from off the plates, vegetables being cut at a fast and pleasing pace, skillets sizzling with grease and full textures of each dish made. I can say that the plates that are shown definitely leaves my mouth watering and makes me hungry for all the time. From Ikumi’s meat dishes to Akira’s spices! I could literally taste and smell the food as if it were right in front of me. The animators deserve huge props as they for sure did their thing on this show, bringing the ordinary food within the manga into a steamy, tender, juicy dishes.

There is so much more that could be mentioned about this anime but to keep spoilers away and for everyone to be able to get their own experience, I will leave it at this. But if you guys need a different type of anime to watch, then this is definitely the one that you should. As of right now, it is on its second season and still ongoing in the manga. Food Wars is an anime that I highly recommend out of all the newer shows that I have watched, and I know for sure, you won’t regret watching it at all. There was someone who said he tried to watch it one time and was immediately turned off but after taking some time and seeing that there were several people that were speaking highly about it, he gave it another go and has been obsessed ever since.