Food Wars

If you have a big appetite with a little ecchi on the side, Food Wars is the anime for you!12029618_518751351611608_4091191928565974410_o

The main male protagonist who name is Soma Yukihira, is trying to prove that he is able to beat his hunk of a father in cooking skills. But he soon finds out that he will be attending one of the top cooking schools around which means his cooking skills will be put to the test in order for him to be able to attend. Along the journey, Soma will meet several characters whose lives he will impact. This anime is filled with deliciousness, ecchi and friendships.

Several reviewers have agreed that this is one of the top animes of 2015 going in to 2017 as it is still an ongoing series. It’s not your ordinary anime, it’s not too ecchi to where it would make you not want to watch it and it’s not too much (if any) romance either. That’s one of the reasons it is one of my favorites because even though he is around several women, they all aren’t fighting over him or trying to win him over with their sex appeal.


The characters in Food Wars will each have a special place within your heart. Each and every character that appears in the show has a backstory and it goes into depth as well. Soma may be the main character but the focus is not always on him and that is another pro about this anime. It always make a show better when they actually spend time talking about where that character comes from, why they are the way they are and what went on in their past. Even the characters that aren’t as important as the secondary ones at least get somewhat of a story to them.


 The animations of the foods in the show wasvery nicely done, steam coming from off the plates, vegetables being cut at a fast and pleasing pace, skillets sizzling with grease and full textures of each dish made. I can say that the plates that are shown definitely leaves my mouth watering and makes me hungry for all the time. From Ikumi’s meat dishes to Akira’s spices! I could literally taste and smell the food as if it were right in front of me. The animators deserve huge props as they for sure did their thing on this show, bringing the ordinary food within the manga into a steamy, tender, juicy dishes.

There is so much more that could be mentioned about this anime but to keep spoilers away and for everyone to be able to get their own experience, I will leave it at this. But if you guys need a different type of anime to watch, then this is definitely the one that you should. As of right now, it is on its second season and still ongoing in the manga. Food Wars is an anime that I highly recommend out of all the newer shows that I have watched, and I know for sure, you won’t regret watching it at all. There was someone who said he tried to watch it one time and was immediately turned off but after taking some time and seeing that there were several people that were speaking highly about it, he gave it another go and has been obsessed ever since.


One thought on “Food Wars

  1. I think presentation is important and SNS can do this job very well in unique way (I mean, fanservice ;D ). Each dish itself is very interesting too.

    There are many interesting dishes in SNS too, so I collected some that might catch your eye in my blog.


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